Shinz Design loves the opportunity to meet the client on site prior to provide for fee quote for potential client’s consideration.

The initial appointment is important to help the client to understand the process and the potential timeline, setting out a realistic budget and expectation, prompting client to prioritise their requirements to form a substantial design brief.

The pre-design site visit will give Shinz Design to feel the local context, picking up existing site information and collecting as much existing and local knowledge from the client.

From there, Shinz Design will be able to organise different types of surveys on client’s behalf according to the brief.

Shinz Design will take the opportunity to run through the overall process with the client in brief and suggest potential consultants required on the projects without overwhelming technical details.

Shinz Design believes that design is a two way exercise. We collect and analyse clients’ ideas and ways of life before methodically transforming them into well programme bespoke architecture.

The design theme goes hand in hand with the programme, spaces and forms. Shinz Design always try our best to extract the clients’ desired, carefully asking questions about what do that like about certain design, before fine tuning the information into a perfect piece of architecture.

During the design process, Shinz Design will guide the client through the national and local planning guidelines and potential restriction to each projects so that client is fully informed before the design is being sign-off with a agree strategy in place. Shinz Design would then proceed with preparing and proceed with the planning application, monitor and manage the process while keeping the client updated.

This is the critical stage where the design concept is being materialised. Moving onto the Detail Design process, various consultants will need to be appointed. While the consultant teams working on the technical design, Shinz Design will take the clients through the detail design decision making including materials and products selections.

The technical information, which is also being term as production information, will enable the tendering process in order to get quotation from contractors under traditional procurement.

Before the projects move onto site, Shinz Design will ensure that all relevant contracts and requirements are met to protect the client’s interests. Shinz Design offer contract administration roles using appropriate JCT contracts for domestic projects under traditional procurement route.

Shinz Design adopt a flexible approach when it comes to both residential and commercial projects to provide for professional services as part the lead consultant or part of the design team. Shinz Design adopt a ‘no blame’ working etiquette with the vision to attain ‘win-win’ solutions with the architectural design and quality and client interest at heart.