Shinz Design offers a platform that combines diverse skills and interests to produce creative architectural design solutions that are eminently practical and emotionally uplifting. We believe that every project is unique and a successful project is an amalgamation of creative imagination and rational logic. Inspired by each site and the design brief, we create buildings and spaces with elegant simplicity, based on simple but strong ideas, underpinned by robust technical thinking and rigorous analysis to create comfortable, enjoyable and uplifting spaces to live, work and play.

Based in North London, we have worked on local and international projects for both architectural and interior designs. We believe in listening to the client’s needs and maintain a flexible manner to achieve bespoke solutions irrespective of budget and size. We always keep a positive outlook when working with clients, consultants and contractors, not only creating the desired architecture but also an enjoyable process.

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Sustainability has a much broader definition with Shinz Design over typical lists of energy efficiency, natural resources, recycling and reuse. We believe in creating architecture and interior design that sustains the long term use of the built environment and always looking forward to provide well rounded ‘Green Solutions’ on our projects, with emphasis on working hand in hand with the clients to establish the best possible design program to create architecture that is friendly to both the environment and the end users.

Our green initiative focuses beyond compliance with various statutory requirements, taking advantage of the existing context to provide intelligent solutions whilst looking after the client’s long term benefits.

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We’re a RIBA-chartered practice working with homeowners from concept through completion. Our skilled team approaches each project with leading-edge technology that boosts efficiency while driving down costs. We offer all our clients bespoke sustainability packages that go beyond current building regulations to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.
Over a decade in the business, we’ve formed relationships with planning authorities across the capital, allowing us to translate our highly unique visions into bespoke properties filled with light. Working with Scenario means getting a space that complements your lifestyle, wherever you choose to live.

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