Stamfort Street Phase 2



Blackfriars, London

This Grade II Listed Building was once occupied by the Central Bank of London and the Midland Bank.  The surviving records of the Central Bank of London show that they had a branch in the building from at least 1863 and it became Midland Bank when they amalgamated with the Central Bank of London in 1891. Midland Bank branch moved out of the building around 1970s before the HSBC took over the site, situated at the junction between Blackfriars Road and Stamford Street of London South Bank SE1.

Upon completion of Phase 1, No. 1 Stamford Street has since been used as office building with further interior design to ground floor. Phase 2 works include marketing suite and sales gallery as part of the wider Blackfriars Development Project. Shinz Design remains the lead architect in executing various works around the Listed building with collaboration with GTA Interior on phase 2 works.

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